Meet The Eggs

Anil the Egg


He’s a bit sketchy and doesn’t know why he’s in the car. He’s been known to rant a lot and goes off about the most random stuff in his blog. His craziest post? His theory about the birthmark on his head that resembles Darth Vader and how it obviously lets him access powers from the dark side.

Phil the Egg


He’s high as a kite and just enjoying the trip. Smiley-squinty-guy … everything is AWESOME. Phil lives his life as if there’s a happy, upbeat soundtrack playing in the background. He’s the go-to guy for the perfect 4:20 soundtrack, just check out his SoundCloud playlist.

Karl the Egg


Cool and Calm, and totally confident in his driving ability. For those who follow him on Instagram he appears to live the perfect life –the sports hero by day and partying ladies man by night.

Lisa the Egg


She’s never tried weed before. She’s in the car because she wants to be ‘part of the cool crowd’. She is the go-to girl when it comes to finding hilarious “time-wasting” YouTube videos. Her favourites are of crazy cats.

Ed the Egg


Smoking weed has made him a bit paranoid. He’s a “glass is half empty” kind of guy who can find danger in any situation. He’s scared of his own shadow and would walk around wearing a helmet and padded suit everyday if he could. He prefers the safety of his gaming world over real life, where he is a completely different guy- a fearless thrill-seeker.

Nikki the Egg


She’s one of the guys. She rolls with the best of them. You go girl. She‘s so over Facebook, but rocks it on Pinterest where she can show the world what she’s interested in using images. She’s a fan of abstract, trippy photography and visuals, and follows all the best boards. They’ll blow your mind.

Luke the Egg


He’s the car guy and usually the one in the driver’s seat. The Alpha Male in the group. A man of few words, Luke is at home on Twitter where he can tell his story in 120 characters or less. Luke always appears in control and knows how to fake it when he’s not.

Wilson the Egg


Wilson is all partied out and usually looks like he’s ready to pass out … drool. He’s building his own website that features all the best 24 hour fast food joints along the all-night bus routes, but it’s been under construction for a year now.